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Quality used organs

A rebuilt used organ from Fowler Organ Company is as good as new, and a lot cheaper! We currently have two used organs and one Hammond in stock! All used organs are custom installed and include our distinguished tonal finishing. Others may just put up the chests and drop the pipes in, but we go the extra mile to make sure a used organ is a good organ, not just a cheap one!

*** For the small church or home:
Two Manual and Pedal, 6 ranks

Enjoy the beauty of real pipes, and the reliability of all solid state switching.

You can afford a real pipe organ! This instrument can be installed for around $43,000. Real pipes are a viable alternative to an electronic counterfeit.

Interested in joining the ranks of satisfied customers? Give us a call at (517) 485-3748 or email us at pipes@fowlerorgan.com for more information

*** For the mid-sized church:
Two Manual and Pedal, 25 ranks

This organ includes a luxurious custom-finished two manual drawknob console with all the features expected in a modern organ, as well as 25 complete ranks of pipes finished to suit your location.

At the generous price of $125-$150,000 this organ represents an outstanding value. Sound interesting? Please give us a call at (517) 485-3748 or email us at pipes@fowlerorgan.com for more information.

For that authentic Hammond Organ Sound:
c. 1951 Hammond CV (similar to C-2 model)
Completely Restored with original dark walnut case and a new Leslie 122-A tube amplified speaker system. This Hammond can be installed for $3,500 within 200 miles of Lansing, MI. Email us at hammonds@bmforgans.com for more information.

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