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No matter what it is you are looking for, Johannus has an organ that is just right for you. Johannus home organs are affordable, and designed with the quality that both you and the instrument deserve. Once you purchase a Johannus organ, you will find that your musical life is enriched and you are guaranteed many years of playing the music you love.

Our home organ selection includes everything from our smallest available instrument, the One Johannus, to our largest home organs, the Monarke and Live Johannus.

If you are looking for something smaller, east to transport, and multifaceted; the One Johannus may be just right for you. The One Johannus instrument includes:

  • One Keyboard
  • Five Organs
  • Eighty Stops
  • Infamous Johannus Sound

This instrument is impressive due to its many features, incredible sound, and small size.

Some of our bigger organs, like the Monarke and Live organs, may be more suitable to your taste. These instruments are large, create beautiful music, and allow your musical creativity to really come out all in the comfort of your home.

In addition, we offer a selection of organs that fit somewhere in between the One Johannus and our larger, home pipe organs. This selection includes:

  • Studio Organs
  • Opus Organs
  • Vivaldi Organs

Johannus designs a vast amount of beautiful organs. Contact or come visit us today to learn more about the organs we carry at Fowler – Hebert Organ Co. If you are simply looking to be inspired, come visit us as well, Johannus instruments are sure to inspire the musical creativity you are looking for.

Home Organs


  • 28 voices
  • 12 unique reverbs
  • 2 keyboards

A genuine and affordable Johannus organ for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own living room. 

The compact Studio 170 organ blends perfectly into almost any setting, and is ideal for keen organ players and organ-loving families. Add acoustic effects and imagine yourself in an intimate chapel, a modern church, or a cavernous cathedral. 

The exquisite sound and modern aesthetic make this genuine Johannus an amazing, affordable instrument. 


  • 270 / 370
  • 36/42 voices
  • 12 unique reverbs
  • 2/3 keyboards

With its beautiful sound and contemporary console, the Opus has been the world’s best selling Johannus for decades.

Available in two- and three-manual versions, the Opus is the perfect organ for new and experienced players.


  • 270 / 370
  • 42/60 voices
  • 12 lifelike reverbs
  • 2/3 keyboards

Bring the experience of the pipe organ right into your living room. Infinite possibilities, authentic sound, and lifelike reverb make the Vivaldi an undisputed jewel in the Johannus collection of digital organ marvels. 


The Monarke is a home organ completely designed to your specifications, from the details of the woodwork to the patina of the pipes. This wonderful instrument features top-of-the-line Johannus technology and gives you the sound you desire. 

Using high-resolution samples from actual pipe organs, computer chips, and advanced software, Johannus has replicated the sound of a monumental pipe organ for your home. 


The Johannus LiVE marks the definitive dawn of a new era in organs. Never before have the classical pipe organ and the advanced digital organ converged so closely. From now on, you’ll be playing directly on the authentic organs standing in dozens of famous international churches and cathedrals. Fly in a heartbeat from Paris through Utrecht to Dresden from the comfort of your own living room. With the Johannus LiVE.  

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